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Types of Wooden Floorboards

We produce and supply a huge variety of wooden floorboards using new and recycled native and imported timber. Below you’ll find details of our most common types of wooden floorboard, along with information about the characteristics and benefits of each type of wood.




The flooring timber of choice in New Zealand for over 100 years. New or recycled it makes for a stunning floor.

More commonly seen as ′six-inch′ timber flooring in the earlier periods of the 20th century, with ′4-inch′ flooring being more popular in the 1950s and 60s. The Heart timber is orange, deep yellow or sometimes a deep red. The Sapwood a creamy or mustard colour. When both occur together it is called Colour, and sometimes referred to as ‘flame’ Matai. Harder wearing than Rimu, hence its use as flooring.

We supply both new Matai (usually from recovered logs or trees that have died standing) and recycled Matai — both uplifted for re-use and new flooring run from recycled timber.



Historically, Rimu and other native trees such as Kauri, Totara and Matai were the main sources of wood for New Zealand, including furniture and house construction. Rimu remains popular in the production of high quality furniture. It also makes for great timber floorboards. Like Matai, Rimu was used throughout the 20th century as flooring, but more commonly to build stairs and other house finishings.

The Heart timber contains browns and yellows and the Sapwood lighter browns and mustard colours. Together the Heart & Sapwood are referred to as Colour.

Our recycled Rimu is salvaged from old buildings from all over NZ. We also stock new NZ Rimu.



Lighter coloured timber. Harder wearing than Rimu & Matai. Commonly used for flooring duing the 1950s, 60s and 70s and makes a great looking floor.

We stock both new and recycled Tawa.



An Australian Eucalypt that looks stunning and is extremely hard wearing. Dark and lighter red tones.

Popular as flooring and stairs in new and older homes.

We have stocks of recycled and new Jarrah.



Victorian Ash / Tasmanian Oak

Australian Eucalypts make up Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak. Victorian Ash is more selective and contains straw and light pink coloured boards. Tasmanian Oak contains a greater range of tones including straw, light pinks and light browns. Hard wearing.



An Australian Eucalypt also know as Sydney Blue Gum. Hard wearing. Initially light pink tones, which rich up over time to brown tones.




Also known as Merbau, is a stable and hardwearing timber. Light and dark brown modern tones, and contain a light gold fleck that runs through the grain.

A hardwearing flooring timber.


American White Oak

Classic flooring and stair making timber. Has a ‘timber’ looking grain. Available in a range of widths up to very wide 225mm as flooring. Hard wearing and stable. Lighter oak colours of light yellow through to straw.

Comes in three grades: Prime, Feature and Rustic. Prime has minimal or no knot, through to Rustic that has frequent and longer knots. See our Gallery for examples.

A cost-effective and hard-wearing wooden floor.

Americal White Oak is an ideal timber to stain, with the stain highlighting the grain stunningly.

We also have Engineered American White Oak, 189mm wide x 21mm thick, with a 6mm top layer of Oak. It’s ideal for laying over heated slabs, or in rooms with extreme heat variation or high exposure to the sun.

Parquet Flooring

We manufacture and supply parquet flooring produced from new and recycled native and imported timber. Standard designs or custom to your requirements.
We can also supply new parquet flooring made from recycled French oak wine barrels.

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